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Landscaping, LLC offers a proven track record of creative, quality NJ landscape design. Our residential landscape designs take into account your expectations for how your property should look.

Maintenance Services

Landscape maintenance services can often be time consuming for homeowners and business owners, so let our NJ landscapers handle your landscape maintenance needs.

Hardscape Services

From aesthetic to functional, we provide decorative masonry and architectural elements to provide you with an oasis of tranquility in your own backyard.

Lawn Care

Our specialists can test to see if your lawn is healthy or if it needs any treatments for insects or diseases. With proper fertilization, your lawn will look fantastic throughout the year.

Walkway Designs

Landscaping a walkway is one of the smartest moves you can make as a homeowner. It adds a pop of color or a subtle touch to any yard, depending on what you want.

Pool Landscaping

Your pool provides endless enjoyment for you and your family, but without some backyard pool landscaping, it may feel like something’s missing.

Our Process for Landscape Design Services

Imagine your landscape transformed with vibrant all-season plants, elegant pathways, serene water features and lighting effects. Whether you’re looking for a private outdoor living retreat or a functional family space, our landscape design service of Jersey Landscaping can bring your vision to life. We are a NJ local landscaper that designs practical, livable outdoor spaces to uniquely suit the lifestyles and needs of the residents, guests, families, employees, and pets that play, work and live there.


How to reach us?

We work nine to five, every day exept Sunday.
Call us: (732) 471-5566
Email us: jack@flatrockland.com
or follow us on social media

Where are we?

We work in Brooklyn, New York and New Jersey.
Flat Rock Landscaping
10807 Seaview Ave
NY 11236